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12. December 2015
Platinum Elite award!

WOOOW what a weekend!!

We have been traveling to Budapest, Hungary for our last event with company Rain International in year 2015. There were 12 great people from my team #RainTeamSlovenia with us!! We had soo much fun and definitely event was on very high level.

Here is part of our Slovenian team together with the company CEO and founder Mr.Byron Belka.



It was also very memorable moment for myself because I have been recognized for first Platinum Elite member in Rain International coming out from Slovenia! It was the moment for history of my career and also Rain International. On photos below you can see some more insights…



There have been also many new faces who climb up the ladder to Rain International compensation plan. We have been able to celebrate first european Black Rain Diamond Kriszta & Badár László from Hungary. Amazing couple!

Here are some more moments from beautiful weekend in Budapest…


Cheers to everyone!


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