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2. May 2016
Traveling around the world

Hey guys!

Its been a long time from my last post. For those of you who are following me on facebook you can see that I am traveling and working all around the world. Today I decided to share some thoughts with you and why my passion and work commitment is getting even bigger from day to day.

Have you ever asked yourself what are your dreams look like? Have you ever wanted to afford things which you could just see on TV or over internet? Have you ever thought what would you do if finances wouldn’t be a problem? I am sure that you heard many times that money doesn’t buy happiness. Its true…but…everything in life is connected with money and if you want to take your family to holidays, wellness center, restaurant, etc. you need money right? So in fact its also important that we have money too..

Reason why I went into that discussion is because many friends are always asking me questions how you can do it, why are you doing it, money is not everything etc. So here is my answer why.

In last weeks I was traveling in countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Nigeria…Everything that in less than 3 months. To be able to do that… again… ends with the same answer – we need money to afford that, right?

I wish you to stop for a second and think about your dreams and goals. Are you happy with current situation? Do you love your job or are you working just to make a living? Live your life and don’t let your life live you!

If you have dreams don’t just dream it – do it!


Dino Nedelko

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